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Welcome to Assumption Catholic Church - Cedron, Missouri | Fr. Tony Rinaldo, Pastor

Assumption Catholic Church at Cedron was founded by Fr. Helias in 1838.

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 Quick History

The Catholics of Moniteau County around what is now familiarly known as Cedron, were true pioneers. They moved West to claim land and trusted that God would get them there and help them raise their families. These were primarily hardy Germans from out East, and even some from the old country. They brought with them a desire to be free, a will to work hard, and a strong faith to keep them going.


It is difficult to say exactly when they started arriving in the area, but there were enough of them there in 1838 for Father Ferdinand Helias, S.J., to come from Westphalia and administer the Sacraments to them. He eventually helped the people found Assumption Catholic Church with the first log building constructed in 1843. A one-room schoolhouse came later and survived until 1931. The present old sandy-red brick church was built in 1872.


Even though the parish of Assumption was closed in 1993, a victim of the migration of peoples to other townships and cities, Holy Mass is still celebrated on or near the Feast of the Assumption, August 15th, and other special times of the year. Weddings and funerals are also celebrated in the quaint old church, a holy shrine still serving as a reminder of the Catholic Faith that was a part of northern Moniteau County as early as the beginning decades of the 19th century.


Names in the parish cemetery, still kept up by local faithful, are still around today: Fischer, Strickfaden, Zey, Baker, Klein, Imhoff, Weingartner, Heinen, Schweitzer and Walterscheidt. We are grateful to these Catholic pioneers who faced many hardships to become a part of American history in Moniteau County.


We are most grateful for all who have gone before us, nurtured the faith, and left such a legacy. Our prayer is that God will continue to bless all those who have been a part of this church and all of us in the future.